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Grundfos Basicline CMB1-36 Pressure Pump (2-3 taps)

Grundfos Basicline CMB1-36 Pressure Pump (2-3 taps)

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The CM-PS is a compact booster solution designed for domestic and light industrial use. The booster unit consists of a robust CM pump, 5-way valve and a pressure switch. To complete the booster system a pressure tank must be fitted. The pressure switch and pressure tank ensure a convenient water supply with a minimum start/stop frequency.

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Robust design

All wetted parts are made from high quality stainless steel including the impeller, pump housing and shaft to ensure
the longest life possible.

Automatic operation

The built-in pressure switch automatically starts and stops the pump according to demand.

Easy installation

The booster unit is a compact solution, which makes it suitable for most installations. Simply connect your own pressure tank, inlet and outlet, and you have a fully operational booster unit.

Great system comfort

The diaphragm tank increases system comfort by limiting the switching frequency of the pump and compensating for pressure drops when a tap is opened. It also reduces problems with water hammer in the pipework.

Motor protection

The pump is effectively protected against any accidental overload, by built-in thermal and current protection. This means
that no additional motor protection is required.


  • Mains boosting
  • Boosting from above ground water tanks


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